Mia Raz

“My music is unfinished. How it gets finished is by being listened to and absorbed by people.”

This multifaceted singer-songwriter from London, Mia Raz, interpolates Disco into a fresh blend of Pop and Avant-Pop, melding her music with fashion and cutting-edge content.

With a slick and yet punchy music production from London-based producer Brando Walker, Mia channels inspirations including Grace Jones, Ama Lou, Jimmy Scott, and Sade.

Nudity is an important symbol for Mia‘s work, demonstrating her vision of self-acceptance and natural beauty.

Mia is a muse and advocate for brands as well as organisations supporting mental health, well-being, and Ocean protection.

The new single DISCOnnected transmits an atmosphere where sexuality meets spirituality. The moments where two people unexpectedly feel connected and cannot resist following that impulse. That spark.