Mia Raz

“My music is unfinished. How it gets finished is by being listened to and absorbed by people.”

MiA RAZ is a multi-hyphenated singer-songwriter on a mission to blitz the sonic spectrum between Avant-pop, Disco and Pop. Her upcoming EP “90s Disco” is a super blend of playful lyrics with edgy sounds to shamelessly celebrate life in Disco, sprinkling on inspirations from the 90s where she was growing up and her thirst for music began.

As she blurs the sands of time and age, Mia is undefinable, even by nationality. And though she is a woman, her artistry has no gender. 

The artist has recently removed all her music and videos from public platforms as well as declined an offer of being signed by one of the major music labels, deciding to channel her sonic messages through her very unique way ∞

MiA embodies qualities of non-attachment, fearlessness and self-trust, opening a door to a vast freedom of being oneself fully and shamelessly  ∞