Mia Raz

“My music is unfinished. How it gets finished is by being listened to and absorbed by people.”

Mia Raz is a singer/songwriter and multifaceted artist.

With a sound that fits anywhere, except inside the box, Mia interpolates Disco into a fresh blend of Pop and Avant-Pop. With a slick and yet punchy music production from London-based producer/songwriter Brando Walker, Mia channels inspirations including Grace Jones, Janet Jackson, Jimmy Scott, and Sade.

Mia‘s professional training in Acting at ArtsED in London was followed by work in many areas of the industry as a Singer, Actress, Model, and Director.

Mia’s vision is bigger than just making music and performing. Her interest in the science of neuroplasticity blazed through her study of Yoga, including meditation and relaxation techniques as tools for striking true potential. Mia is a founder of the brand DISCconnected. that creates music/visual content & provides wellbeing services.

Nudity is an important symbol for Mia‘s work, demonstrating her vision of self-acceptance and natural beauty. This artistic tool has also translated to her live performances where she uses her body through light movements and often chooses to be barefoot.

All these concepts have permeated her personal style as Mia chooses to wear styles and fabrics that make her feel comfortable in her skin.

Mia is also an advocate and muse for brands as well as organisations supporting mental health, well-being, and Ocean protection.

The new single DISCOnnected transmits an atmosphere where sexuality meets spirituality. The moments where two people unexpectedly feel connected and cannot resist following that impulse. That spark.