Mia Raz

“My music is unfinished. How it gets finished is by being listened to and absorbed by people.”

This multifaceted singer-songwriter from London, MIA RAZ, interpolates Disco into Avant-pop, melding her music with fashion, fitness and cutting-edge content.

A muse in her own museum. An artist and a model with a plethora of alter egos. As she blurs the sands of time and age, Mia is undefinable and beyond fashion. She owns a unique form of expression, in a fashion that is her’s alone. And though she is a woman, her artistry has no gender. 

Mia is attracted by temptations and loves change. The artist, promoting self-love, opens a door to a vast freedom of being oneself fully and shamelessly. Amazingly, she lives in the now and her surroundings are charged by her presence. 

The artist has been a muse and model for brands such as Lush, Cotélac, Lipton, T-Mobile, Samsung, British Land, Rebuy, Curalie, and TikTok.

Mia Raz embodies qualities of non-attachment, fearlessness and self-trust, shamelessly celebrating life in Disco, sprinkling on inspirations from Grace Jones, Jimmy Scott, Ama Lou, and Sade.