Mia Raz

“My music is unfinished. How it gets finished is by being listened to and absorbed by people.”

Mia Raz is a singer-songwriter. Her music is a fusion of Avant-Pop, Pop and Disco.

Mia advocates for everyone’s ability to unlock its potential, finding its purpose in life, which allows each of us to live more joyfully. 

Mia‘s upcoming EPs are grounded in her travels and study of culture reflecting how herself and others choose to experience it. By breaking the cycle of taboo, discussing topics such as sexuality, the female menstrual cycle, patriarchy, and more, birth new strength in her sound. 

Beauty is an important topic Mia has been exploring in her life. Being part of the culture where perfection plays such a huge role in our lives, Mia has been witnessing how wanting to be better, and ultimately ‘perfect‘, whatever it may mean anyways, has become one of the most dangerous obsession causing a lot of mental health issues.

The new single DISCOnnected transmits the atmosphere where sexuality meets spirituality. The moments where two people unexpectedly feel connected and cannot resist following that impulse. That spark.

Mia Raz acts as an advocate for brands as well as organisations supporting mental health, well-being, and Ocean protection.

Selected Clients: Samsung, Jung von Matt, Lush, The British Land, Cotélac, T-Mobile, Lipton